20 Essential Features for Successful eCommerce Websites

20 Essential Features for Successful eCommerce Websites
Online presence is important for businesses, now more than ever. There is practically no product or service that can’t be sold online. eCommerce is growing rapidly and you don’t want to be left behind.
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Online presence is important for businesses, now more than ever. There is practically no product or service that can’t be sold online. eCommerce is growing rapidly and you don’t want to be left behind.

If you’re starting an eCommerce website or planning on optimizing your website, then keep reading.

Essential features for a successful eCommerce website

Here are 20 essential features for a successful eCommerce website.

Domain Name

Your domain name gets the relevant audience to your website and must be carefully chosen. Choose a name that is easy to remember and is relevant to your business.


Your logo is your identity. It has a direct impact on customers so it must be made with special attention. It should be catchy, unique and relatable. The colors of the logo must be chosen carefully as they connect your audience with your company.


The tagline must be to the point and deliver your company’s vision and mission. The best tagline is the one that is short yet gives a summary of the products and services.


The CTA must be in a prominent position on your website and should be highlighted.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

Most people now open websites on mobile phones rather than on computers. The website should be mobile friendly and highly responsive.

About Us

This section connects you with customers. Giving a summary about the founders, mentioning what made you start the company and the objectives help customers relate to you on a personal level and gain confidence in the company.


Create clean, clear, easy-to-use navigation on the website to ensure that customers don’t get confused while surfing your site.

Search Bar

The search bar can help visitors to get the information they’re looking for quickly without having to navigate their way through and losing interest in the process.

Image Slider

Tell your story with image sliders. It makes the website look more professional and creative.

Reviews and Testimonials

Trust is built when people speak for you. Make your company more credible by adding reviews and testimonials from your customers.


The content on your website must be fresh and unique. No content, be it blogs or descriptions should be copied. Add relevant keywords to boost search engine results.


Do proper interlinking so that the visitors can access the inner pages of your website easily.

Live Chat Feature

Live chat can enable visitors to get the necessary help on your website and get their addresses concerned at the earliest.

Social Media

Don’t forget to add social media icons at the bottom of your main page. Most people will visit your social media to see the creativity and credibility of your brand.

Contact Information

Make sure that the contact information is easily noticeable by placing it at the top right corner of the main menu and the bottom of the site.

Page Speed

Ensure that your website loads faster by optimizing it with page speed tools to get the desired web performance.

Privacy Policy

Gain your customers’ trust by having a privacy policy. It makes your business more transparent and customers understand how you manage and use data.


Chances are many of the visitors may have similar concerns. The FAQ section helps them with the answers without them having to contact you.

Blog Comment Section

A comment section in your blog can help improve user engagement, visibility and credibility.

Share Feature

Having a share feature lets your customer share your products, services or blog posts on social media. This can help you with more brand visibility and traffic.

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